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When will we re-open?
We just did!!

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UPDATE 3/4/22:


We reopened our KITCHEN TABLE BOARD GAME CAFÉ on Friday 3/4/22!! There have been quite a few changes--so check out below for more info.....

NEW hours are 3-9 Weds-Thurs, 3-10 Fri, 9am-10pm on Sat, and 9-3 on Sun (ie—we’re open Weds through Saturday evenings and Saturday/Sunday for brunch).

We are not taking reservations—for now, at least. 

Our menu has been COMPLETELY overhauled (just one or two returning items—all biscuits are gone, sniffle sniffle) and we are completely excited by it—think lots of great SNACKS AND SANDWICHES with a strong focus on charcuterie and artisan cheeses used to make those snacks and sandwiches plus an exciting new line of CRAFT COCKTAILS and great BEER and WINE lists, too.


Our brunch menu is heavy on WAFFLES—both sweet and savory varieties—with a few wonderful quiches and specialty toasts thrown in to round out the selections.


Our food will NOT be available for takeout until Wednesday 3/16—trying to get our kitchen staff completely comfortable with in house dining first.

And oh—OF COURSE—we’ve still got our great selection of 400+ GAMES plus our fabulous GAMETENDERS to help you choose, learn, and play any one you like. We will be charging a $5 per table fee to play games to cover the cost of upkeep on the collection and to help pay for the gametenders. 

So—check out our menus—and come on out to PLAY with us!!

Our Story 



Board game cafés are concept coming to us from Europe and Canada that are gaining in popularity across the US.  The Kitchen Table at Relish was the second one in North Carolina—the first is Well-Played in Asheville that opened in 2017. 


My own family rediscovered board games just around a year before we opened and I love sharing the experience with others.  No lecture intended, but so many of us (myself included) spend so much of our time connected to people only through technology.  Finding ways to spend time just talking with no screens has become a bit elusive.  But playing board games sets the stage for some of the best conversations about life and learning and they are also perfect ice breakers that can encourage a group to find common ground. 


The games themselves have improved SO MUCH since the heyday of Candy Land and Monopoly.  If you haven’t tried a “gateway” Eurostyle game like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go, Dominion, 7 Wonders, or Wingspan you may not know that modern board games are now less about random luck and more dependent on strategy, friendlier competition, and even cooperation.   


We have a library of over 400 games that we have been sacrificing ourselves to learn to play—including the old standbys (like Scrabble, Backgammon, and Sorry) to the newest releases (like Root, Century Spice Road, Wingspan, and Scythe).  We have trained “gametenders” available to help you choose a game that is a good fit for your group and teach you how to play it, if needed.  For the first year, all games were free to play (we had to get you hooked, right?) but  we now charge a $5 per table game playing fee to help us cover the cost of upkeep on the game library (replacing those inevitable lost pieces and buying the latest games) and to help support out gametenders. 


You can check out our current game list at https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/relishraleigh


So whether you want us guide you or just pick for yourself, feel free to head on over to our game room  to seek out an “old friend” or discover something new.



Sharon May, Owner

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meat & cheese board

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KT egg salad & mimosa salad

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Ties to Relish

What's in a name? 

The current kitchen at Relish had been too small for us for many years.  Business was great, thankfully, but because of that and our extensive menu we need a LOT of prep and storage space—especially since we want to keep creating new dine in “Test Kitchen” menu items and to be able to keep up with the growing takeout demand. 


So, when our landlord offered us the former Dos Taquitos space next door to our kitchen in 2019, we jumped on it--and expanded both our kitchen and our concept in one big swoop. 


If Relish is our "main dining room", then we consider the expansion space as our smaller more intimate “kitchen table”. We love the images that a kitchen table invokes. As the heart of the home it is the place where meals and memories are made and where you invite close family and friends to cozy and intimate gatherings.


The Kitchen Table at Relish

Board Game Cafe

Next door to Relish Craft Kitchen & Bourbon Bar


Weds & Thursday 3pm - 9pm

Friday 3pm - 10pm

Saturday 9am- 10pm

Sunday 9am - 3pm

5629 Creedmoor Rd

Raleigh NC 27612

(corner of Creedmoor and Millbrook)